Department of Microbiology


José M. González

Associate Professor

PhD in Microbiology, University of Georgia, 1996

Address: Department of Microbiology

University of La Laguna

ES-38200 La Laguna


Phone: 34 922 318515

Email: jmglezh (at)

Research Area: Microbial Ecology

Teaching: Microbiology

Description of research: Major objectives include microbial diversity, community structure and biogeochemical processes, and linking microbial taxa to critical ecosystem processes. Projects involve marine microbial genomics, ecology and physiology of the genus Roseobacter and Flavobacteria, role of marine bacteria in the sulfur cycle, rhodopsin, metagenomes.

Study sites: Blanes Bay Microbial Observatory, Circumnavigation Expedition Malaspina 2010

Jose M Gonzalez



Homemade tools for phylogenetic analysis. These were made for collaborators and myself although you are welcome to use them too. There is some information if you click on the links. Let me know if you need further explanations.

     Blast against 16S and 23S rRNA sequences

     Pairwise sequence alignment

     Cophenetic correlation coefficient

     Not so homemade tool for the identification of T-RFLP chromatogram peaks